Instagram TV a.k.a. IGTV is a new app that lets you watch videos in vertical form. You must be wondering wasn’t the Instagram app itself enough for that? Well, this app has been designed to let you watch videos that are longer than 60 seconds. IGTV is going to compete against the video-sharing giant YouTube. IGTV app works fine on both Android and iOS devices. It is also built directly into the main Instagram app. If you already have Instagram installed, you will find the IGTV button at the top already. It is a trick used by the company to make users see the new feature without spending money or taking additional steps for marketing it.

How is IGTV any different from other video platforms?

So it’s fair to question how Instagram TV is different from YouTube or even Netflix. It is basically a standalone app that lets you play videos automatically once you open it. The videos are displayed vertically and in full screen because they are optimized for viewing on the phone. These videos could even be an hour long. Plus, you can comment on them or share them with friends just like you can share YouTube videos. Currently, Instagram does have plans for advertising so it’s not paying anyone for content on the app. This could change in the future though. All video makers will have the option of posting their content on Facebook watch too. The company is marketing Instagram TV as a star-making opportunity saying that anyone who uses it can become famous. Lots of internet celebrities are already being paid to help launch it. If social media compagin buy Instagram followers, brand can get more likes, views, engagement and grow faster.

Is it something useful for brands?

Of course, IGTV is a feature big brands could use to connect with their customers. Instagram is already pushing its use by adding notifications for videos and giving it a priority within the app. Your IGTV post will appear at the top of your user’s feed with a visible notification. This is an extremely useful tool for creating brand awareness. Although this app is a great feature for brand awareness, still lots of businesses are reluctant with using it.

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That is probably because it is very new and you can’t yet pay to boost a video. 15 days after the launch of this new feature, the company experienced a major decrease in its usage because of this drawback. It seriously affects business. That doesn’t mean it’s not being used at all. Some giant brands are still using it since it is useful in making your brand stand out. Spotify is one of them. It is using it for sharing stories of artists. The vertical format of the video makes the stories feel more personal. It is surely a nice trick to get in touch with the audience. Airbnb has also started using IGTV for promoting the locations on its site by creating long and educational videos.

IGTV is definitely going to go a long way. Instagram might have to make it more useful to encourage more brands for using it though.

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