Tesla cars were primarily introduced by the Tesla motors in 2003 by engineers. The company produces electronic vehicles, solar panels, batteries, etc. The main purpose behind the introduction of Tesla cars was that they were trying to tell the people that electric vehicles do exist. Along with focusing on building an all-electric vehicle, they also focus on other things like batteries. It is believed that electric motor cars can drive faster and could be used as a quicker means of transportation as compared to other non-electric cars. The makers of the Tesla cars are of the view that the world should stop depending on non-electric fuel cars. Every Tesla motor vehicle is manufactured in its own factory that is in California. The company hires effective employees that can prove to be the best for their company, train those employees, and do every possible thing that could help them generate positive results. They do not compromise on safety and quality.

Tesla is a manufacturer of solar roof, power packs, and energy generating systems. Tesla’s model S is the best-selling car in the recent years. Be it innovations, efficiency, productivity, performance, quality, or safety, Tesla vehicles has always proved to be the best in every manner. Moreover, the model S has met up to the expectations of the people. Along with the Tesla Model S, Tesla extended its product line with the manufacture of the Tesla Model X that is a sports vehicle. The best and the most noticeable fact about the Model X is that it has earned five stars ratings from the people and the traffic administration. Model X too does not compromise on safety.

Future of Tesla in Canada

After Model X, Tesla again hit the vehicle market with its new product that is model 3. Model 3 is an electric generated vehicle that is relatively low in cost as compared to other Tesla vehicles. It allows five people to be seated. On a full battery, the model 3 of Tesla is said to drive about 345 kilometers. Tesla cars allows you to travel to your office, for your work, or anywhere you want to go, and then return back to your home without the fear of running out of fuel. After that, Tesla motors came up with the manufacture of a truck i.e. Tesla Semi, which is known to be the most comfortable and the safest truck ever. Tesla Semi reduces the cost of fuel and it helps the users to save a lot of money.

Tesla has a relatively bright future not only in Canada but across other regions of the world as well. In Canada, the Tesla batteries comes in three different pricing and sizes. It is priced according to its size and efficiency. The Tesla Model S in Canada comes with heated seats, game 17” touchscreens with various other internet options, mobile connector adapters etc. It provides seating for five adults. Tesla is launching a new store in Canada at Toronto for all of its lovers.

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