Social media is nowadays of great importance in online marketing and search engine optimization. Without the presence of social media platforms, this aspect of marketing cannot work well. Social media can be beneficial but it can have some of the impacts that could be negative if not handled carefully. Big corporations and businesses have understood the importance of social media and now they are nothing without marketing themselves on social media platforms. Social media marketing of your brand is better than the traditional marketing norms and tactics.

Mid-sized and small businesses can’t get engage themselves in social media marketing as for them it may be time consuming and complex but for large businesses and corporations, social media marketing is easy and is very beneficial in so many aspects that if they truly focus on the exact tools of social media, they will get fruitful results at the end. But still social media marketing needs some more improvement and development. Talking specifically about facebook and twitter, you can get more attention by following the below mentioned key steps:

  • Using correct sized images

Normally organizations and people post low quality images on social media websites well those images are really not of low quality, they may seem to be okay before you upload them but as you upload those images, you will notice the image quality turned into bad and the images become blurry. This is so because, all the images uploaded on social media not necessarily is of the exact size. So for the better attention and response on the social media platforms by the people it is necessary that the images and visuals you upload are of good quality and better from each aspect. These high quality images tend to get more attention of the audience than of the blurred ones.

  • Post Smartly

To have a well managed and well maintained identity on  social media channels like facebook and twitter, its better that you maintain a posting scheduling by completely taking in mind about the timings when there is too much crowd on the particular social media platform. By having a proper schedule, you tend to attract more audience for your business, brand.

  • Ask to share

Whenever you post something on your social media account, ask your followers to share the post. Don’t forget to request them to share by mentioning share on the post as sharing of posts increase the response on your posts and it also increase the fan following of your brand my making more people familiar with your brand and business.

  • Interlink your social media profiles

If you really want to make your social media profile a big hit, get all your social media accounts linked with each other. In this way, you are tending to increase fan following of your brand by associating with twitter followers all over the social media platforms.

All these simple tips can make you get more attention on the social media accounts of your business.

Irene Liao is a tech enthaust and love to write about technology, travel and much more. Please follow Carolina Tech on facebook, twitter, instagram and Pintrest.