There have been numerous travelers in the world and there are still new travelers doing what they do best even today. They have come in form the west and the east and they have set out to achieve their own set agendas. Some traveled so far to know what they did not know of previously, some went ahead meet new people and some did it just for the sake of it. The important byproduct of this was what they found out along the way. Some discovered new fruits, new lakes, new species of animals where as some went so far as to accidently discovering new countries and foreign lands. Among all these great men is another name. This young Moroccan man also devoted his life to the purpose of traveling. His name is Ibn Battuta.

Why is Ibn Battuta so valuable?

Ibn Battuta was a young man when he decided that this is what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to travel and see places beyond his own city. He took an initiative that not many in his surrounding were capable of at that time. Those were simpler times and simpler people lived through them. Not many dreamt of big things, majority just worried about feeding their families with ease. Amongst them Ibn Battuta thought differently. He was ambitious and determined to do something much greater with his life. This will to do something extraordinary is what made him so valuable then. The Ibn Battuta definition of life was different than usual which is what set him apart from the rest. The Ibn Battuta definition was to seek knowledge beyond what they already knew. He dreamt of different things, he dreamt of greater things. His dreams were about new people, new places and new adventures.

His strength can be measured with the fact that he was not all words and no action. He stunned his people by doing what he said he would do and he continues to stun the people of today with what he actually did with his life. His travels, his struggles, his determination, his will and then his knowledge which he gained through extensive hard work and hostilities are all the things that have made him such a valuable asset even for today’s generations. His legacy has something to learn for everyone regardless of any differences.

The Ibn Battuta definition and its beauty

The Ibn Battuta definition of life is simply to explore. His entire life is an example for people to learn that being born in one place, spending an entire life in one place and then dying in that place too is a real horror story. He wanted people to know more, to see more and to experience more. He staunchly believed in all these things himself and so he spent his life doing what he loved but what he never thought was that his ideology would become an example for generations to come.

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