Fleas happen to every pet owner. But the major issue is that they will swarm and bite everyone in the house and your pets are their key target. All you need to follow some precautionary measures with the deadliest flea killer products. Your pets are the primary cause of fleas entering all over the home. Fleas jump on the Fido and come into your house. There are some measures and natural home remedies for fleas that you can do to discontinue this from happening. Here, you will discover some effective but simple home remedies and precautionary measures that help you to kill fleas.

How to control them using proper measures:

You need to take some precautions that protect your pet from fleas. The best precautionary measures that you can do are washing your pet and control the fleas properly. Here, we will discuss the best ways that help you to do it accurately.

Wash Your Pet:

Fleas land on your dog and bite them that can cause irritation and itching. Wash your pet with flea shampoo that will give your pet a prompt relief from itching. Alternatively, you can use washing soap for pets and clean them a generous amount of water. In this way, fleas will die on your pet.

Use Flea Control:

Pets are flea magnet. So, you need to take anticipatory measures that stay the pests at bay. You can use baking soda to kill the fleas quickly. Sprinkle it on the carpet, furniture and pet bedding. Let it sit for several hours. And then vacuum the carpets. You can also use natural flea spray to control them.

Homes remedies for fleas

Repel Fleas with Essential Oils

It is one of the best home remedies for fleas. Most of the people used to burn citronella candles to kill the mosquitos. You can also use the same substance as a flea repellent. Use citronella oils on your upholstery to combat fleas rather than burning a candle. All you need to have some essential oil such as tea tree oil, Citronella oil, and Lemongrass oil. Combine these ingredients in a large spray bottle and use it for cleaning your floors and countertops.

Flea trapping spray

Flea trapping is so simple and easiest way to control and kill the fleas. You need some materials like Warm water, Dishwashing liquid, Candle or light source, and a large bowl to make this trapping spray. First off, fill the large bowl with some water and put a large amount of soap. Place this bowl where pests are common and switch off the light. Place a candle over this bowl to attract the pests. But remember to place this bowl each night before going to bed. The heat and light will attract them and they will jump into the bowl. In the next morning, throw away all the dead fleas and repeat the process until you get rid of fleas. In this way, you will trap hundreds of fleas in a single night and stopped them to enter your house


These natural home remedies for fleas are the ultimate solution to get rid of fleas around your house and on your pet. Leave a comment and let us know which remedy you will try to kill the fleas.

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